The Grail Cup of North America

Corrected Continent Map5

There is a great energy of waking up now.  Have you felt it?  This waking up is a great call to "come home" to who we really are and to where we live deep inside.

And as we awaken, the Spirit of the Earth, in rapport with the stars above, hums with a new song that supports our emergence as a unified galactic humanity. An invisible current pulses through the landscape, in communion with how we touch each other's lives and harmonize with where we are in space and time.  

The truth is that this invisible current evolves just like we do.  It helps create a visionary geography that connects community and cosmos in a larger conversation with the land and the heavens.  This current stimulates a special rapport between human beings and the sacred, within and without.

Such a geography is being expressed through the Rosicrucian Cross, a symbol for a spiritual stream of thought developed similarly to the Tree of Life of the Kaballah.  The Tree of Life is one of three great archetypes whose spiritual concepts are concerned with receiving wisdom and great knowledge in various stages of the life process.  This ancient wisdom was taught as a means of attaining the fullest state of illumination in order to empower our divinity.

The geometry of the Tree of Life has centers and intersecting points called sephiroth which are fundamental principles of life.  These points are divine attributes with pathways carrying frequencies between them that allow us to partake of various elements of love and goodness. Each sephirah represents creative aspects from Source energy to the physical universe to establish the energy of Heaven on Earth. The sephiroth are also individually symbolized as planets known in the ancient world.  Each planet has its own spirit, its own divine intelligence, that shows us step by step how to ascend from ignorance to universal knowledge.

Our bodies and Nature are composed of metaphysical and physical energies that are interdependent, reflecting each to the other.  Conscious participation in the creation of balance and harmony inside myself and as an outer extension of sustainable action in the world has guided me for a long time. Studying with English philosopher, author and geomancer Peter Dawkins, I have been able to blend my own knowledge of sacred design and pilgrimage in mutual support of a vision of the Grail Cup of the North American continent.

Using a blend of geomancy (a science of earth energy/divination), cosmology (a science of how people view themselves as part of the universe and their place in it) and the Rosicrucian model of the Tree of Life, the Tree’s sacred geometry was laid over a topographical map of North America. Through working with the St. James and St. John etheric lines on the planet, the architecture of the Tree came alive.

Once the map was fleshed out over time, the various planetary sephirah that compose the language of light in the United States were revealed.  The chalice, the “Holy Grail,” took shape.  All the locations revealed are approximate and have yet to be fully explored and mapped.  The one that has been most developed is the Valles Caldera landscape temple located in Northern New Mexico because of educational programs taught in Santa Fe and Abiquiu by Mr. Dawkins, as well as myself, over the last several years.

Looking at the diagram below, we see:

Houston, Texas - Moon Gate as Foundation of the Tree of Life

Santa Fe, New Mexico – Venus Gate of Victory

Mt. Shasta, California/Ashland, Oregon – Jupiter Gate of Mercy 

Nashville, Tennessee – Mercury Gate of Glory, and

New Lebanon, New York area – Mars Gate of Judgment.

The central middle pillar reveals:

Kansas City, Kansas – The Sun Gate and Center of Beauty above the Moon Gate, and 

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Saturn Gate of Knowledge.


Continent Map


As we climb the ladder of Heaven and the planets, we become more awake as we approach the Holy Trinity and throne of God. 

It is estimated that the Earth Gate, representing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, is located in the region of Veracruz, Mexico.  The Holy Trinity of Wisdom, Intelligence and All Knowing has yet to be defined.

Journeying with and through the Tree of Life provides a road map to consciousness.  The various cities on the map that form the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life in America play a strong role in the spiritual unfoldment of our country.  Our grail quest as a nation is to create a life of harmony, beauty and balance with the cosmos, within our communities and within our lives.  By learning about this unique visionary geography and its meaning to life during this critical transition between large cycles in time, we are more able to create beauty and pathways of wholeness in our solar system and beyond.

Much as the ancients did, we can co-create ways and means to build temple space in our lives and our environment to ease our journey into the quantum energy we are experiencing.  The geometry of the Tree of Life is a magical spring of knowledge that opens portals into light realms.  As more and more people become aware of such beautiful potential, the vision of the Grail Cup of North America will hearth itself in those called to be a part of this experience.