Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse

eclipse-annular-Hinode-300Seeding the New Consciousness  in 2012 is a pivot point between the end of a 26,000 year cycle of time and the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle.

This event marks the place where we say farewell to our long history with duality and negative imprints from patriarchal dominance. Now we can greet the concept of unity in a fresh way knowing that we are all connected and ultimately breathe and live in the Garden of the One. 

Our minds and hearts both revel in and resist this great change. What is quickening us as we more completely merge into these new realms, and what makes us want to bridge the dimensions as part of gardening soul, is nothing less than a blessed unrest embedded in the cycles of change itself. We all feel it and we know how important this threshold is to the birth of our cosmic nature in a new galactic cycle.

Heaven and Earth ARE connected. Celestial forces and terrestrial grids are shape-shifting as their energies inquire into the sacred heart of matter. These energies are within us too, assisting us to redefine and refine what we know as life. The eclipse of May 20th will help us to release, transform and heal etheric energy blueprints so that new spiritual impulses can emerge into the global group mind.

eclipse-annular-soutwestusaThe following graphic depicts the path of the Ring of Fire annular eclipse in the United States. The entry point of this light is activating the Jupiter gate of the Grail Cup of North America. This gate is comprised of an established sacred site, Mt. Shasta, California, combined with the new online energies of Ashland, Oregon. Portals, gem power points and chakra points like Mt. Shasta are altering their vibration to include an upgraded service to the cosmos and humanity. Energy points on the Earth and in our bodies are dramatically evolving in tandem with the codes of creation, which are seeding the birth of a galactic humanity in love with life and in tune with the cycles of nature. 

Alignments between planets, asteroids and constellations represent celestial energies that address our inner environment in a very focused way. When these celestial energies are as tightly packed together as with the upcoming New Moon and eclipse pattern on May 20th, a very special evolutionary seeding is taking place! This is an exciting time for the Universe.

pleiades-infraredIn astrology, conjunctions are energies that are united and act together. The closer they are to conjunction, the more subjective their combined energies are. This is not an easy aspect because the way they blend together does not allow them to stand separate or distinct from one another. The conjunctions contained in the Spring 2012 eclipse actually begin an alchemical process where consciousness is fertilized by our levels of awareness and “eros,” life force, and harvested in the Fall.

The Sun, Earth, Moon and the Pleiades (a constellation long held to be a key to our spiritual evolution as a species), are aligning on May 20, 2012. The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, are no longer exclusively in the constellation of earthy Taurus. Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades and considered the location of a primary Library of Light, newly occupies airy, mercurial Gemini, whose bright stars of Castor and Pollux represent the Gate of Man and the Gate of God. In addition, the “parents” of the Pleiadean cluster of stars, Atlas and Pleione, have also migrated into Gemini. The rest of the “sisters” remain on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. This is what the overall conjunctions will look like in the sky during the May 20th alignment:

Overall Conjunctions In the Sky During the May 20th Alignment

SUN: 0 Gemini

VESTA: 9 Taurus

MOON: 1 Gemini

CERES: 16 Taurus

ALCYONE: 1 Gemini

LILITH: 17 Taurus


MERCURY: 23 Taurus


JUPITER: 25 Taurus



I have included in the above list 3 asteroid “goddesses” that are also playing starring roles in the May eclipse. The significance of Vesta as the Goddess of the Hearth tending both the sacred altar fire and the home fire is profound. This fire is also symbolic of fertility and sexuality. Ceres acts as the Earth Mother whose unconditional love provides life-sustaining nourishment to the people of the Earth. Ceres shows us how to give and receive nurturance and what we need from ourselves and others to feel unconditional acceptance and love. And Lilith is a lilith-john-colliercontroversial “dark goddess” and can be seen mythologically to represent the dark side of the moon. She was considered Adam’s first wife who saw herself as his equal, demanded her freedom and ate of the Tree of Knowledge, for which she was expelled from Paradise (according to Sumerian texts). 

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus there is a primordial sensibility of erotic spirituality that is heightened during this eclipse. Pleione and her daughters are the “sailing ones” because their rising in May, called Pleiadean Line-up on May 16-17-18, marks the opening of navigation when it is safe to begin sailing. They “set” in November, which also marks the close of navigation.

Gemini, the sign of intellect, is ruled by Mercury, associated with the mind and communication. How we intelligently make sense of the world, formulate our ideas and thoughts and articulate what is meaningful is part of Gemini’s realm. We are crossing boundaries into the mysteries of the imagination and the memories of the past, harvesting and interpreting our personal experiences of life. We are Changing Our Minds! 

The gestation period for the birth of cosmic consciousness is from Spring Equinox 2012 to 12-21-12. The first “trimester,” from Vernal Equinox to Summer Solstice, is always a time of major adjustment. We are pregnant with possibility and surrender to the flame growing within. As we swell in these first 90 days, we come to acknowledge that the Force Within is in control as we enter Feminine Time. 

The foundational illusions of separation and discord as a way of life are releasing their grip. We revel in and resist the process. We learn to warm to our “condition” because there is no going back anyway. There is no such thing as a little bit pregnant! We chirp like magpies, wanting others to interpret the signs, wanting to abdicate our inner knowing so we don’t have to think for ourselves. And we wind up birthing our greater divinity because the world soul and our dignity as a species depend on it. This time, at the dawn of a new 26,000 year cycle, we as a collective presence are resolved to become sovereign, self-realized and free.

In love we trust.