The following three articles were originally published on Gather Insight:

Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse by Norma Tarango

Wayfinding: Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World by Norma Tarango

The Grail Cup of North America by Norma Tarango


Peter Dawkins (England): philosopher, author, geomancer, friend and teacher who inspired my commitment to Geocosmological Pilgrimage in this country

Zoence Academy & Mystery School
Valles Caldera Zodiac

Jean Altshuler, Visionary Artist (Santa Fe, NM): Long-time friend, devoted fellow pilgrim on the path

Axis Mundi Project
Axis Mundi of the Venus Gate Video 

Katie Teague, Multimedia Storyteller (Santa Fe, NM):  With love for assistance with web design and visuals

Money & Life (a feature length documentary film)



The scenic crown jewel of New Mexico, the Heart of the Venus Gate

Majestic Vistas of the Valles Caldera