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Wayfinding Sessions


90 minute sessions: $130 each

All 90 minute sessions are taped and sent as an MP3 file via email. Domestic sessions are conducted by phone; international via Skype. Discounts offered for packages of three sessions or more. Please contact me for further information.

  • The Original Blueprint: The Mandala of Your Birth
  • The Breath of Being: The Evolutionary Moment of Your Birthday (Microcosm)
  • Timelines of Evolution: Cycles of Transpersonal Soul Growth (Macrocosm)
  • Ley Lines of Possibility: AstroCartography Map of Zodiacal Codes on Earth
  • Special ongoing planetary activations such as Eclipses and Star Tetrahedron geometries, and how they ignite your codes


Post session navigational support for ease of integration and speed of alignment:
$66/hour; 30 minute segments available


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