The end of 2012 brought closure to a 26,000 year cycle of time, called a Galactic Year.  The emergence of Feminine Time heralds the next 26,000 year cycle....and what does that mean to you?

Cosmic RoseAs the great Shift of the Ages continues,  world calendars completed cycles that were created and advanced in third dimensional constructs.  The new Galactic Year elevates our attention towards embracing space and time as sacred and alive. Cosmic light is unsettling our very biology as we step into liquid quantum fields for the first time as a collective.  We are touching into our noosphere as the mind of Gaia even as She Herself touches into anima cosmos, the soul of cosmos.

Feminine Time is matrifocal, nesting in the womb or Mother of Creation.  It transcends matriarchal and patriarchal  ages and values in the continuum of  time.  The heart of the Feminine principle is dedicated to the web of life, calling upon us to unify body, mind and spirit.  Learning how to be in love - Be Loved -  in 4th and 5th dimensional realms is the basis of the time of the Feminine.  I see this as heart-centric in the bodies of men and women alike, central to the evolution of our planet, our perceptions and our pleasure as a race.

My 2014 Teleseries evolves around the premise that each of us is a unit of time whose natural state is fluid, adaptable and loving.  A revolution is occuring.   A conscious, liberated love nature, sovereign and accountable to one's Spirit, is on the event horizon.

Let us listen together and compose a world that rejoices in light sacredness!  If you are interested in learning more, sign up for news of my 2014 Winter Teleseries now~~~a sneak preview is coming soon~~~+

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