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The Journey of Fierce Love for All Existence

Star GazerWayfinding is a path of heart, a navigational tool for remembering yourself in the spiral of sacred space and sacred time. Knowledge of your own blueprint enables you to compose your world as a sovereign being and steer your life with joy and dignity. Wayfinding sessions are intimate galactic story maps that bring this knowledge forward to help you remember your own light sacredness. They restore your ability to course correct with greater awareness.

I use the astrological mandala as a holographic map of memory created at the moment of your Breath. Through our sessions together we access, with reverence, the encoded wisdom of your journey in the cosmos.  Within you exists a tempo, rhythm and vibration that nourishes the truth and timing of your unfoldment. Every soul has a unique geometry, containing star codes, timelines and portals of possibility. When Wayfinding, your own unique vision of Heaven on Earth Wayfindercomes alive as you learn to fathom patterns of wholeness essential to your natural state.

The origins of Wayfinding hail from thousands of years of sea voyaging by Pacific navigators sailing in uncharted waters. These shaman priests attuned their lives to the ever-changing elements of wind, waters and waves in their vast and fluid world. Using extraordinarily keen senses, they evolved a living wisdom that perceived quantum reality before the science was ever born! Deep within the heart lies the skillful means for integrating the intelligence of the Earth and Stars in your body. I have adapted my sessions from this exquisite perceptual knowledge to assist you in synchronizing "being" and "doing" as you transition into the graceful and fierce truth of Feminine Time.

I invite you to find your way with me~~the way of deep listening to the joy of undiscovered realms while sailing past history and old routes of suppressed love wisdom~~the way of blessing your breath on Earth.


I invite you to voyage with me with daring, courage and infinite presence


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