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Feminine Time


Conceiving Light Sacredness

NEW VenusFemTime GG homepageTime itself has changed, and our relationship with it. Profane time, the time of unconsecrated thought, action or deed that does not esteem our Being, is at an end.  To conceive of light sacredness is to birth Feminine Time.

Human consciousness is a force of nature and key to manifesting a fundamental transformation of space-time.  We are learning to surf the flux into cosmic adulthood.   We are being summoned by extraordinary dimensional shifts of perception to heal our fragmentation and synchronize our "being" and our "doing".  And to do this requires Fierce Love.

Fierce Love IS the emergence of planetary consciousness.  Fierce Love enfolds us in cycles of  far-reaching change to incarnate the complexity of light as sacred.  Fierce Love matures our "shakti", the electrical force that vibrates with the creative power of the universe.  Fierce Love is the frequency alive in the marrow of memory, calling us to new coastlines.  It beats in our hearts as a point of light convergence. 

Cosmic light is unsettling our biology as we step into liquid quantum fields for the first time as a collective.  Conscious conception feels more important than ever ~ central to the evolution of our planet, our perceptions and our pleasure as a race.  The poetry of presence invites the world soul to breathe through the intensity of this birth, through cycles of destruction and regeneration.  These cycles are actually catalyzing swift transformation to conceive a true human being that has nothing to hide.  This then is the voyage into light sacredness.WaveWormhole

To fathom is to learn to listen to your own energy.  Can we fathom what it would feel like to enter into the silence beyond conditioning, beyond false mechanisms of time?   Can we imagine the return of the Great Mother and the Lover as patterns of wholeness urging us into transparency?  Underneath all the turbulence is an astonishing wave form awakening our primordial anatomy, arousing Fierce Love in Feminine Time.  

A conscious, liberated love nature, sovereign and accountable to one's Spirit, is on the horizon.  Incubating in the womb of the Great Mother of Creation, we nest as lovers in evolution. 

Let us align with the web of life.  Let us unify body, mind and spirit. Let us Be Loved.