Norma is a gifted intuitive and scholar, whose extensive knowledge of numerous esoteric disciplines creates a powerful opportunity for opening one's mystical, multi-dimensional awareness.  She weaves together energetic fields, gently guiding the navigation of your journey to self-discovery and sovereignty.  Working with her is a joyful, energizing, transformational heart and soul experience.

~Adrienne Ross, Therasage Corporation, Santa Fe, NM


Norma Tarango is the Real Deal:  authentic and trained by real masters in the fields she investigates.  Her lectures, coaching and training of others radiates wisdom into the current fabric of consciousness.  She combines thorough research and deep life wisdom to positively impact and awaken both people and the greater reality. Norma embodies the Sacred Truths entrusted to her by very auspicious elders and adepts from several ancient cultures. Various tribal elders have transmitted closely guarded secrets to her though she is outside their normal cultural heritage, which speaks volumes to me.  

Her Wayfinding sessions and other celestial-to-human communications are by far the best and most thorough I've experienced.  Norma has the most in-depth knowledge and experience of the Sacred Divine Feminine.  What that means is that her grasp of the Creator's creation codes unfailingly embraces the true depth of the Feminine aspect of creation.  As a Sacred Feminine record holder/transmitter, Norma is a true celestial navigator and extraordinary teacher of the deeper realms.  It has been a great pleasure to teach with her and co-present with someone who does not betray the Mysteries while so ably bringing them to modern awareness with delight and humor.

~Randolph Masters, PhD, Teacher, Composer, Researcher of the Mysteries, Aptos, CA


Norma and I have shared our journey together and independently for over 20 years.  She is a galactic navigator who lives her exploration of Cosmos and Earth in real time.  I know many spiritual voyagers who are mental travelers.  Norma lives hers with her whole being.  She tracks many cosmic trails and has an unusual ability to integrate her complex knowledge into comprehensible sharing that inspires others. I believe that Norma is unique in her weaving of earth-bound experiences and cosmic influences.  This comes through in all her teachings, lectures, pilgrimage and Wayfinding sessions.

I was so blessed in my 60th year to have time with Norma in Glastonbury, England, sharing her passion of the Feminine and  Venus.  It led to our commitment to create the space for geocosmological pilgrimage of the Valles Caldera Zodiac, the Venus Gate of North America.  Now in our fifth year, our time together deepens.  She is a pleasure to know and experience her gifts to us all.

~Annie Rafter, RN CNP, Santa Fe, NM


Norma Tarango is a powerful intuitive with the skill as a galactic astrologer and workshop facilitator to give her clients and students a direct transmission of their personal transformational possibilities.  I have known her for over 20 years, benefitted from her counsel and creativity, and recommended her to many of my own students and clients. Wisdom and the deep unveiling of the mysteries of our unique personal lives is her currency - a valuable and precious source of insight that is available to each of us.  I respect and love her a lot and I recommend  her work unconditionally.  Treat yourself.  You will be nourished and aided on your journey.

~Linda Burnham, author and ND, Santa Fe, NM 


Norma is a remarkable Being who holds the keys of Sacred Woman, qualities very rare to find in my experience. She has inspired me to reach greater states of awareness that allow me to make constructive choices.  She holds rare celestial wisdom and her navigational skills have shifted my perception and showed me the magic of understanding the stars to better my life.  I have had the good fortune to spend time with this remarkable woman of presence.  Norma has infinite perception of who she is, and as an educator of Truth who inspires humanity to work in harmony with life, her skills are a gift for anyone looking for expansion into greater states.

~Raffaele Ruggeri, CEO Bice Group, Miami, FL


Norma is a galactic star seed amongst our presence who is inspiring us to take our feet off of the crumbling foundation of the third dimension. Her love and appreciation for the native Hawaiian culture makes her a brilliant model for navigating the starry water on which we now stand, as our dimensional experience expands.

~ Nina Brown, Award-winning Author, Santa Fe, NM


I have sought Norma’s counsel over the past few years for personal and professional guidance. Her gift of seeing the bigger picture has been immensely helpful regarding my soul’s evolutionary cycles as she passionately reveals your blueprint for life and living.   I always feel optimistic and excited after our sessions and in hindsight, have found Norma’s sharing to be totally on target.  She takes you to your core so you can better navigate your journey.

Her deep well of wisdom and experience with respect to the Feminine, as well as the marriage of the masculine and feminine, will fill your cup. She definitely has her finger on the pulse of the new energies in these times.  It has been a gift to work with Norma.  Consultants like her are rare to find. 

~ Runa Bouius, Catalyzing Conscious Leadership, Los Angeles, CA


It's a rare privilege to find a a guide, a Way-Shower, with the depth of wisdom and breadth of knowledge of the ancient codes that Norma possesses. She skillfully opened the door to assist me in awakening to a greater sense of awareness of my "old patterns" that no longer serve me and to claim and grow the power and love nature of my Sacred Feminine.  Norma goes directly to the truth of what's so, shedding light on what needs to be released and what calls to be powerfully acknowledged and represented in one's being.

With shamanic, astrological and cosmological wisdom and presence as her guides, Norma opens doors to other realities and consciousness, always tuned to a higher vibration and light. For anyone on a sacred personal and/or collective journey, I highly recommend Norma as someone who speaks her truth, walks her talk, shares her wisdom and always assists her clients to explore their deepest and highest edges to bring about the fulfilment of their quest.

~ June Steiner, PhD, San Jose, CA


I have worked with Norma now for ten years, and I highly recommend her as a person and as a spiritual mentor. She is a great comfort to me, providing me with wisdom, compassion and understanding as I have learned how to slow down in life.  Norma will challenge you to look hard at yourself and the life you are creating. I look forward to her readings every year. You will not regret your decision to start a  spiritual relationship with Norma.  She will become a regular part of your life.

~ Tom Szarzynski, President  Zarcorp, Minneapolis, MN


I have been blessed to be associated with Norma Tarango for over fifteen years.  As an artist, I have benefitted from her poetic exploratory spirit that has aided and inspired my work in dimensions I would not have imagined. Whether I am in ceremony, pilgrimaging with her, or receiving her readings, I am always astounded by the passion and fierce commitment to embody the sovereign, adventurous mystical life she invites us all to enjoy.

~Jean MacFarland Altshuler, Artist, Santa Fe, NM


While I have known Norma only two years in this incarnation, I fully know that we have been working together forever.  Norma impressed me immediately with her warmth, sincerity and willingness to engage.  And above all, I am so humbled by her attention to the archetypal Feminine in both males and females.  She is a gift to all humanity for the enlightening truths she brings forward for all to share and enjoy.

~Peter Lyon, San Jose, CA.