About Norma

IMG 8711a-smlNorma Estela Tarango loves stories of hidden planetary wisdom and spiritual knowledge of light. She was called to the altar of the Sacred Feminine through Our Lady of Guadalupe at a very young age, and has been in step with the poetry of Her unfolding ever since.

Growing up on the borderland between Texas and Mexico taught Norma the music, color, language and lore of multi-ethnic perspectives. Like a hummingbird cross pollinating between diverse cosmologies, she has long resided in the nectar contained within the deep study of ancient myths, global wisdom traditions and the divine sciences of numerology, astrology and astronomy. She is devoted to the transmission of living oral traditions and has participated in many ceremonies, native and non-native, throughout the world.

Everyone's voice grows according to their own indigenous song as it breaks open over time.  What Norma has found is trust in her own melody.  For 25 years she has created retreats and spoken at conferences to share the unfolding story of the galaxy in preparation for our current shift into the wisdom of light sacredness.  She is an international teacher and lecturer, and acts as a consultant for values-based businesses committed to personal and global models of sustainability.  Her unique ways of supporting a company's emergence into greater wholeness has often found her at the threshold of unusual endeavors in the world.

A destiny-enhancing dream in the summer of 1992 compelled Norma to move to Kauai, Hawai'i. Her personal "9-11" was Hurricane Iniki which devastated Kauai's beauty and radically altered her fate. It began a 12 year initiation into the quantum world of sea-voyaging societies.   Mentored in the astronomy of the oral literature of Hawaii, she co-founded Women on the Waves in 1996, a non-profit organization that explores and shares the emerging planetary wisdom and hidden spiritual knowledge of Feminine Time in the Tropic World.  It represents a domain  that receives more sunlight than anywhere else on the globe, and as such reflects the soul of the cosmos in extraordinary ways.

Norma's  seven year program, "The Rounds of Venus: Building a Platform for Erotic Spirituality", was an original work based on the myths embedded in the geocosmology of the "Islands as the Body of the Goddess".  It served as a living model for women wishing to navigate their reality with greater fluidity while being deeply nurtured amidst rapid planetary change. In step with the cosmic clock of light, every precious soujourner entwined her inner soulscape  with the intelligence of the sky and the land, and made visible The Hidden.

Wayfinding is Norma's personal one-on-one work with people that is inspired by the shaman of the sea, the navigator/priests of indigenous Oceania called Wayfinders. These individual sessions are galactic story maps that encourage deep listening while learning to observe and recognize the patterns of love's fierce truth. Wayfinding reflects  the capacity of people everywhere to abide in the grace of their own tides and encoded timing, and locate their source of guidance within.

Now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Norma continues to adapt the dynamic metaphor of Venus as a galactic way-shower. She co-produced  "The Venus Dialogues: Becoming a Force of Nature" to align with group pilgrimages around the Valles Caldera Zodiac, a landscape temple that reveals the hoop of the Sacred Feminine in Northern New Mexico. Now in its fifth year, their local cosmic heart orients itself increasingly to developing harmony with the environment (land), the stars (cosmos) and each other as they learn the practice of geocosmology, known as Compass of the Heart.

As the gnosis of Fierce Love emerges, Norma speaks the dialect of discovery and of sustenance of all life as we are initiated in cosmic adulthood. She is a talented translator and interpreter of multi-sensual, multi-layered capacities of Being.


 Join Norma in the exploration of  light sacredness through her offerings