We are the children of the Milky Way, children of a mythic magical world beyond our dreams. 
                                                                                                                                              ~~Thomas Berry

Galactic Gnosis is about remembering we are children of the Milky Way, the progeny of a tender, passionate and unwavering stream of light sacredness.  Cosmic currents of Fierce Love pouring from the heart of our galaxy are rearranging all life as we know it.  This heart of hearts writes love letters to us in the form of quarks, pulsars, black holes and white dwarfs, streaming liquid light into our bodies, waking us to its majesty, its wonder and its will.

We are being breathed and dreamed anew

Gnosis represents the direct experience of Spirit through the excitation of our biology’s mystical anatomy.  This spiritual knowledge of light gardens our souls, emancipating our euphoria and holy listening.  Galactic Gnosis remembers Union, remembers that we come from the whole heartedness of an infinitely mysterious divine intelligence.  We are all trustees of light supernal, sparks of holiness breaking open our trapped splendor.  Attending to the Living Memory deep inside is our real work, our real heritage.

Galactic Gnosis is a prayer field of open attention with the panoramic eroticism of our starry origins.  As we become resonant with our own light sacredness we become lucidly curious, creative and courageous in our roles as messengers of transformation.  The intense radiance bursting from the heart of the galaxy is the wisdom of our time, of our own inner radiance.  Present in the forefront of our lives are perfected patterns of union that summon our quantum sensibilities.  

Rongo, Rongo:  Listen, Listen

The sane voice of Fierce Love invites us to enter into the dream
of a galactic culture vital, expansive and spiritually free

The great river of the Milky Way has many curves and twists of current.  The divine pressure of light and dark light is upon us to remember.  The birthplace of erotic spirituality is within your own heart.  What else is there but to give our love to Love, our beauty to Beauty, in alignment with such treasure?